Quarter Scale Four Room Bungalow with Gail Hart


Tuesday & Wednesday (2 Day Workshop)

9:00 - 5:30 (both days)

2 Day Class

Join Gail Hart from Hart’s Desire Miniatures as you build this quarter inch four room Bungalow. House all finished inside and out.

The house includes 4 large rooms, fireplace, and chimney. The exterior is finished with laser cut brick, foundation, and pre-cut siding. Front entry includes brick bases for the 2 pillars. The landscaping is also included. All pieces are laser cut to fit out of high quality plywood and hardwood maple. All students will leave with a finished house all ready to be furnished.

Student Supplies & Tools Needed: The instructor will provide all paints and stains, Tacky glue, Contact Cement, all sand papers, waxed paper, masking tape, paper towels, etc. Students will only need a very basic tool kit to include: an X-acto knife and extra blades, small cutting board, cork back ruler, pencil, sharp scissor and old scissor for shingles, assortment of paint brushes, and a HI temp hot glue gun.

Contact Gail gailmdom@aol.com to register.