A Birder's Workbench with Mary Martin


10:00 - 3:00 Wednesday

4 hour Class, with lunch break

Techniques Taught:  Assembly, finishing and painting.

Gardeners and Birders alike enjoy seeing their feathered friends. This workbench is exactly what is needed to bring small feathered friends to their landscape. The workshop bench is one inch scale, has an attached trellis which holds finished bird houses while building more before the nesting season begins. Besides the finished bird houses on the trellis a bird house is in the process of being built on the bench. Wood parts and tools are on the bench top as well more tools are stored in the storage area on the lower shelf. Oh, wait there is the family cat sleeping on the other side of the lower shelf, by the bag of bird seed. The cat is dreaming of seeing the many birds that will come to live in the bird houses too. You will assemble this workbench, distress the top and decorate with the accessories. The bird houses will be assembled, one will be in the assembly process on the workbench top. Tools are included to be added to the scene. Everything seen in the picture is included for decoration. There is a hummingbird feeder on the lower shelf also. 

The workbench scene should be completed and ready to display when you leave the workshop. Four hours, with a lunch break, allows adequate time. It would be a great addition to any collection, a stand alone scene or could fit in a room box or doll house.

Supplies include:  Trellised workbench kit, 9 birdhouse kits, 1 partial birdhouse, assorted hand tools, two bags of birdseed, materials to create a hummingbird feeder, 1 bucket and a sleeping cat. Everything needed to build great birdhouses.
Student Supplies Needed:  Basic tool kit, paint brushes, craft glue and a love of birds and bird houses.

Registration Deadline: March 17, 2018

Contact Mary at contact@martinsminiaturemarketplace.com​ or call 330-641-1400 to register.