Intro to Miniature Needlepoint with Cheryl Brady


10:00 - 1:30 Wednesday

3 Hour Class, with a Break

This is an introduction to mini needlepoint. I absolutely love needlepoint and this is an opportunity to share a few tips and practice several stitches to recruit people to a hobby I enjoy. Each person will receive two kits for pillows. One pillow is a William Morris style rabbit with decorative check border. The other is Bargello or flamestitch style pillow. The photo gives you an idea of the variety in the mini Bargello pillows.

I will have larger holed canvas for you to practice your tension and stitches on before working on 24 count canvas. Past experience has found this to be helpful. There will be a variety of fibers to select from for the bargello so you can best match your interiors. If you have any special color needs please email me so I can make sure I bring any special color requests with me.

I am right handed, however my experience with needlepoint was to do it left handed as the person teaching me was left handed. So I can teach both right and left.

Needle, stretcher mat, and kits are included in class. If you need additional magnification or reading glasses, cheaters, please bring them with you. Backing for the pillows is not included, however I will be bringing some fabric scraps with me if you would like to select a backing to take with you to finish your pillows.

You will not be able to complete both pillows in this timeframe. But you should have a good start and I am available to help with additional questions if you stop by my table.

Limited to 7 people

Contact Cheryl at to register.