Robe a la Polonaise


9:00 - 5:00 Wednesday

with 1 hour lunch break

Dress and wig a French court lady with a Robe à la polonaise, a tricorn hat and a Masquerade mask. You will have in your kit the painted and assembled doll on a stand, all the supplies to make the dress, the wig, and the hat. The sculpted mask is ready to decorate. All the supplies are included in the workshop. You learn how to sew (a little) and glue to make the dress. You also learn how to wig a doll in rococco style with viscose and make the hat with fabric and cardboard.

You need to bring fine sharp scissors, fine tweezers, sewing needles and if needed magnifier and lamp.

Deadline: 30th of March 2019. All level skills are welcome. 10 students maximum

Contact Nathalie at to register.