"Grandpa Lucas" with Elle Piccolo


9:00 - 4:30 Wednesday

with lunch break

Grandpa Lucas is a laid-back kind of guy, with no real job at this time. So he uses what he calls his pastime, to do the things he enjoys most; that is, playing his old guitar, whittling wood, and taking a well deserved nap.

The students will learn how to assemble Lucas, which is a handmade clay kit, and contains an armature, hands and feet, and wiggling. His clothing and shoes will be made by the student, with my guidance. Lucas comes with a chair, a guitar, knife and wood, and his own wood scraps.

Students need to bring fabric glue, scissors, eyewear and lighting, if needed. Let's have fun!!

Deadline: 16th of March 2019.

Contact Elle at epartdol@hotmail.com to register.